Thursday, July 25, 2013

All Good Things Must Come to an End

As the end of July closes in on us, I start to feel that depressed, panic mode. I know that August is lurking all too closely and that means one thing-- school will be starting just around the corner. When school ends in June, it always feels like a weight has been lifted and I gain a sense of freedom that I don’t have during the other ten months of the year. Then it seems that the summer goes in fast forward, while the other seasons move a bit more slowly.

First, let me acknowledge all of you who aren’t teachers. I realize that you’re probably not feeling too bad for me as I wrap up my two month vacation. What other job allows this extended summer break? Well, let’s just say that teachers condense their twelve months of work into ten, so the break is much needed and very much earned.

I used to teach summer school, but I didn’t feel refreshed when the actual school year began. Now I try to enjoy the summer and not think about school. Yet, as this time of the summer approaches, I can’t help but think about going back. Of course, Staples is no help as they remind me by playing their “most wonderful time of year” commercial and all the flyers for back to school items that come in the mail. I start thinking about my caseload, making my schedule, and planning for what I’ll be doing with them. Also, my classroom is being moved once again, so I’ll need to unpack everything and set up a room one more time. Then the thoughts of all the paperwork, meetings, politics of schools, etc., begin to saturate my brain and I begin to feel overwhelmed and long for the summer to be endless.

Since being in elementary school, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. Yet, there are some days that I contemplate what else I would do if I wasn’t teaching. I wonder what it’s like to work in “the real world.” Is the grass greener? If the truth be known, I’d prefer not to work at all, but that’s not going to happen. If I had a choice of another job, I’d want to be a published author. In addition to liking to write, there’s something appealing about having my own quiet writing studio or writing in a quiet coffee shop. There I’d be able to write, drink coffee, and people watch. Then as my books became best sellers, I’d go on book tours across the country. I’d sign autographs and take pictures with my adoring fans. Then my books would be turned into Hollywood movies. Not that I’ve been dreaming about this at all.

But, until that dream happens, I’ll try to enjoy the last few days of July and the better part of August before my carefree, summer days come to an end. I’m feeling a little weepy already.

Pretending that money and schooling were not in the equation, what would your dream job be?

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