Monday, June 3, 2013

And so it begins...

During the past few years of being part of the Facebook world, I've had numerous people tell me that they look forward to my posts because they make them laugh. (If they don't make you laugh, you may want to stop reading now.) I've been told I should write a book, create a sitcom, or write a blog. Well, I don't think I'm quite ready to write a sitcom (or the glamour of Hollywood), so starting a blog seems like the most reasonable choice! Being a published author is actually a dream of mine, so this could be a way for me to get some writing done. While I know Facebook status updates are a far cry from writing a best selling novel, they do allow me to share my voice with an audience. Hopefully this blog will get my creative juices flowing and let me share some of the random events and thoughts of my life.

And who knows? Maybe I'll be the first person to win the Pulitzer Prize for a blog. A girl can dream, right?


  1. Kim? Awesome!!! I look forward to reading your blog!!!

  2. Kim,
    I'm not surprised at your writing talent, since I remember the skills and creativity displayed in your 4th grade writing (a few years back in time!) Now that I am retired from teaching, I'll have some free time to check out blogs, Instagrams, and all that great technology "stuff"! Given the hours involved in writing posts to Facebook, blogs, etc., I am amazed at how teachers, such as yourself, find the time to immerse in all of it, on top of teaching full-time and raising a family. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on life in this fast-paced world!

    1. Thank you!! Enjoy your retirement! It must be such a relief to not have to think about going back in a few weeks...