Monday, July 28, 2014

Nothing But Rainbows and Unicorns

A few days ago my friend Tammy issued me a Facebook challenge. She challenged me to post three positive things for five days. Me being me, I wanted to respond to this challenge with something sarcastic, but I realized that didn’t sound very positive. I bit my tongue and refrained from the remark that I really wanted to type.

For whatever reason, I’m more of a glass is half-empty kind of girl. I tend to be more of a pessimist than an optimist. And that’s not to say that I’m a downer in every situation. I can be fun (I think) and enjoy laughing and having a good time. I just tend to worry and think the worst in most situations. My mind tends to race to the worst-case scenario in most circumstances. I have no explanation for why I do this. I truly have a good life and nothing traumatic has happened to me. I also think I may subconsciously think negatively about things because if I’m already in a negative mindset and something doesn’t go my way, I’m not being let down. There’s no bubble to burst as I already had it in my mind that it’s going to go wrong. If something does work out in my favor, then I can be happily surprised! This seems logical, right??

So, Tammy, I accept your challenge, but I’m doing it in a blog rather than posting for five days. Forgive me for taking liberty with this, but I’d say it’s better than not doing it at all.

As for positives, I could start with the obvious. I have a great family, husband, and children.  I don’t think I need to number them as my first three positives, however, because that should be a given.

7/24/14 Day #1
1. I really like where we live. We are within walking distance to a running/biking trail, the kid’s school, the library, shops, two grocery stores, a park, coffee, pizza, and ice cream, to name a few. We are minutes from beaches, lighthouses, the Old Port (which we have walked to before), the mall, many restaurants, and so much more. South Portland is a city, but it still has that small community feel with lots of conveniences.

2. Last night I had a dream about our neighbor, David, who passed away last year. In the dream, he called me on the phone and we talked. I could hear his voice again and he sounded happy. In the morning I shared the details of my dream with David’s brother. He told his wife, who was David’s sister-in-law, and coincidentally, she also had a dream about David last night. She, too, said that David was happy in her dream. I’d like to think that these were more than dreams, that it was David’s way of letting us know that he’s okay.

3. Jason works the next three nights, so I will have some snore-free, restful nights. (I’m kidding, Jason...sort of. I truly miss you when you’re working, but it is quiet.) And, go back to my earlier statement. You are already on my positive list, so you can’t take this personally! :-)

7/25/14 Day #2
1. The kids I and have been playing tourist in our own area. Yesterday we went to East End Beach to look for sea glass and then played on the playground. Tonight we went to Bug Light and Spring Point Light to run around and see the lighthouses.

2. Griffin goes to daycare on Wednesdays and Fridays, so today Abby and I had some time together. We went to the mall where she just had to go to Justice and then to Red Mango for some yummy frozen yogurt.

3. Today I bought new can opener. It works like a charm. Super exciting.

7/26/14 Day #3
1. Griffin slept until 7:47 a.m. This is a few minutes off his record of 7:59 which he did while we were at Disney. I was almost ready to go into his bedroom to make sure he was still breathing.

2. After our morning at the beach, the kids wanted to go to the Old Port. We spent $22 at the Old Port Candy Company. Don’t judge. We Huchels like our sweets.

3. While in the Old Port, as we were walking past Mariner’s Church, a wedding party arrived in their limo. It reminded me of our reception there almost 15 years ago.

7/27/14 Day #4
1. Today is my parent’s 46th wedding anniversary. Jason and I are both lucky to have parents who have been married for 40+ years.

2. When Jason got home from work this morning, we all walked to Uncle Andy’s for breakfast together.

3. Sometimes I enjoy a rainy day in the summer. It makes me feel like I have permission to be lazy. And I have.

7/28/14 Day #5
1. This morning I ran with my friend Patty, her kidney recipient, and his sisters around Back Cove as we prepare for the Beach to Beacon which is on Saturday.

2. It is another quiet, rainy day and I’m enjoying a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts.

3. Jason just took the kids to the movies so I have a little time alone. I may fold laundry, do the checkbook, or just simply read on the couch.

So, there you go. Five days of positives. A blog entry that’s all rainbows and unicorns with a sprinkling of glitter.

Challenge accomplished. Whatcha got next? Bring it on.

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