Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Nose Knows

The sense of smell is an interesting thing. Some smells are very pleasing and others are rather offensive to the nose. And what one person may find to be a pleasant smell can repulse another. Also, certain smells trigger memories and can transport you back to a certain time and place in your life. There are scientific reasons why this is the case, but I’m not here to be too informative. This is a blog about nothing, after all.

There are certain smells that I consider to be some of my favorites. I tried to narrow it down to my top ten nose pleasing scents.

1. Freshly baked bread
2. Freshly cut grass
3. Coffee brewing
4. Cookies/brownies baking
5. Health food stores
6. Ocean air
7. Lemon lavender Yankee Candle
8. Freshly laundered clothes
9. Lilac bushes
10. Bacon

In addition to these scents, I also have some favorite smells that may be considered odd. They don’t fall under the typical category of delightful aromas, so others may think I’m strange (and if you already do this just solidifies your thinking). Here are my top ten unusual favorite smells.

1. Gas (the kind from the pump, not your butt)
2. Play-Doh
3. My dog’s feet
4. Candles just after being blown out
5. White-board markers
6. The interior of a new car
7. Beer breath on my husband
8. Opening a can of tennis balls for the first time
9. The fumes from a boat motor
10. Hardware stores

What are your favorite smells? Are any on my lists? It’s okay to admit your weird favorite smells, too. I won’t judge.

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